New Website 2020

Finally, after 3 years with 250 hours of work, I finished my longest-running project: A complete new design and code for my website. Everything is new. I created over 1,400 files with 29,000 lines of code.

There are multiple reasons it took me a while: I created not only a new design, with a light and dark theme, screen size-dependent grid, and typography. I developed it with a new technology stack, including the static-site generator Gatsby, TypeScript, Styled Components, MDX, GraphQL, and CSS Grid Layout.

Light Version Homepage
Light Version Homepage
Dark Version Homepage
Dark Version Homepage

I always take the opportunity to learn new things while working on personal projects. This time I intentionally picked TypeScript, even though I knew it would slow me down. I wanted to learn it beyond basic training and theory, which is possible while doing it.

I had worked with CSS Grid Layout before, but never with this level of complexity. Likewise, I wrote Unit Tests for every component and screen to get faster with React Testing Library and Jest.

The inspiration and design phase took a long time. I had to read many books, study styles, designs, and art to select the direction I was aiming for.


For my Journal, previously called articles, a blog I write since 2006, I re-checked the text of every essay I wrote before and improved the quality of the images.

New Pages

I created new pages for parts of my website that previously didn’t exist or were not displayed properly.

Projects & Showcases

For the first time, the website has a Projects section showing my work, with further showcases for selected projects.


My Haiku (short Japanese poems) collection was previously loveless, dumped on a single page without proper context. After the relaunch, I dedicated a whole section to the Haiku, including English translations.



I had a collection of my Sketchnotes hosted on a subdomain on Tumblr and wanted to move it back to my website and created my own Sketchnotes section.

The Traditional Color of Japan

A few years back I created a small project, creating an ASE file out of Traditional Colors of Japanese mentioned in a book with the same title. This project got an own page showing all colors and the books these are from.

The Traditional Colors of Japan
The Traditional Colors of Japan

The entire project stretched for three years because I didn’t work continuously on the website, and sometimes didn’t do something for multiple months.

Making-Of Series

But finally, the website is completed, and I deserve a long summer break without screen time. But I plan to release a series of Making-of posts I wrote over the next weeks. It will include a look into my thoughts and inspiration process, the design and development of the website.

Stay Updated

If you want to be updated, you can follow my RSS/Atom Feed.

I set up a Now page, based on the idea of Derek Silvers, who created a movement when he started his page. The Now page shows what I’m doing right now and will be updated irregularly.

Feedback Welcome

You can always send me a message or feedback, all possibilities to contact or connect me can be found on my About page. I don’t track anything anymore and know nothing any longer about visitors to my website. Blissful ignorance from my side to all this data-driven, growth-driven, customer-satisfaction-driven development.

Source Code

If you’re interested in the code you don’t have to wait until I release the essay, the source code is publicly available on GitHub.