John Seymour’s Books on Self-Sufficiency

John Seymour’s Books on Self-Sufficiency

My earliest memories of books are that I lie on my parents’ soft carpet on my stomach in the living room and read the Atlas of World History or the books of John Seymour. Who was John Seymour, and why did his books remain in my memory?

John Seymour

Born in England in 1914, he went to boarding school in Switzerland and later began studying agricultural sciences. He went to Africa at the age of 20 to work as a farmer. After serving in World War II in North Africa and Asia, he returned to England and moved to an old remote farm with his family in 1957 and started living solely on home-grown produce. After moving to a farm in Wales in the 1970s, he wrote his world-famous books The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency (Das große Buch vom Leben auf dem Lande) and The Self-Sufficient Gardener (Selbstversorgung aus dem Garten).


The The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency: The Classic Guide for Realists and Dreamers
New Self-Sufficient Gardener


Das neue Buch vom Leben auf dem Lande
Selbstversorgung aus dem Garten: Wie man seinen Garten natürlich bestellt und gesunde Nahrung erntet

The Books

In his books, he writes comprehensible for laymen, enriched by beautiful, detailed drawings and illustrations. Whether you run a small garden or a large farm, his books describe well what needs to be done to create a closed and healthy cycle.

In The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency he explains the food chain, soil types, and the seasons. He describes various types of gardens, addresses all kinds of fruits and vegetables, tells how to keep animals, cultivate and utilize land, grow long-lasting food, and a huge number of things. His second book, The New Self-Sufficient Gardener, goes into more detail and shows how to work with a garden.

Part of my Survival Kit

I sometimes joke that if the zombie apocalypse arrives or civilization collapsed for other reasons, I first get my Kukri, my bow with arrows, and the books of John Seymour. Because all the knowledge that we use every day, be it programming, design, management, spreadsheets, or any other activity of the modern age is then worth nothing. However, the knowledge in his books is almost timeless and will be up-to-date even in the distant future.

John Seymour wrote many more books during his life, for example, the commendable book The National Trust Book of Forgotten Household Crafts. It displays various arts well-illustrated, such as woodcraft, construction, workshop or chores, the tools used, and the products they create.


Even if you live in the city presently or do not have a garden or a plot of land, it is always a pleasure to page through the books. Therefore, his books should not be missing in any good library.

John Seymour would have turned 100 last month. His books contain valuable knowledge about self-sufficiency and have been expanded over the years. The current version of his bestseller The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency has information on wind energy and solar energy. And you will learn how beer is brewed or wine is pressed.