Spring Cleaning

When I published my new website in 2020 I added two new content types to my essays: links and quotes. But over time I found that I rarely used quotes. I instead collect quotes in my Zettelkasten note-taking system and add my thoughts to each quote.

I started with monthly link collections in 2019 and discontinued the format in March 2021 because the work was immense for each post. I decided to switch to a more irregular posting format, which I named Link Bundle. But even with this new format, the amount of work to create a collection was too huge for its value to my readers. I don’t like myself looking at a list of links, but instead, prefer thumbnails and easy scrolling.

I had been thinking longer about replacing them and played with different ideas: moving them to Tumblr, posting to Twitter, to Minds, to a public Raindrop.io collection, or creating a custom website pulling my recommended bookmarks over from the Raindrop.io API with a Next.js app.

Tumblr is somewhat dead, Twitter has a bad presentation of content not hosted on Twitter (small video thumbnails, limited text characters), and it’s full of hate. Minds is nice, but nobody uses it, and you can’t follow it without creating an account, and they don’t give an RSS feed for the content. A custom website is a too much work for too little benefit, I can use my time better. Which left me with publishing a Raindrop.io collection as the last idea.

If you subscribed to my RSS feeds for either quotes or links, you can subscribe now to my Raindrop.io RSS Feed instead. You can read the recommendations on the website. And, I’ll continue to write essays on this website.