Whe Need Actual Heroes

Sean W. Malone summarizes the quote by Clark Kent (Max Landis) above in his video essay Superman Is the Hero We Need Right Now why the stories we tell each other matter and why we need heroes:

That is one of the most insightful realizations anyone could ever have about the world around them, and it was written in a comic book. These stories have survived for decades. They’ve been retold in dozens of languages and they’re known all over the world. They are mythology. And like all mythologies, they’re about human values. They’re how writers and artists convey their ideas and share lessons about character and morality with everyone else. But not every value anybody puts on screen or in a book is good. The ends don't justify the means. The collective isn’t more important than the individual. Appealing to the “greater good” is often just an excuse for the abuse of power. Not every moral lesson anybody takes the time to write down is actually going to make the world a better place. So, the stories we tell each other matter. […] I think we need to start reminding each other that there are some values that are worth standing up for and some that really aren’t. We need more truth, justice, and respect for individual freedom. We need fewer people trying to lie and mislead in order to impose their values on everyone else by force. We need more humility, compassion, and kindness. We need less anger and division. More calm. Less noise. What I’m saying is… We need actual heroes.

Sean W. Malone, Superman Is the Hero We Need Right Now