Totalitarianism Fails on All Levels

Jordan B Peterson about Totalitarianism and ideology and that a system usually fails on all levels at the same time:

That happens if you are an ideologue. You identify really hard with that plan. The problem is, if something comes up to confront it, well how do you act? You can’t let go of the plan, because you drown. Then you cling to it rigidly. Well, that’s no good, because then you can’t learn anything. If that’s you, you are a totalitarian. You are not gonna learn anything. You are gonna end up in something that is close enough to hell so that you won’t know the difference. And you might drag anyone along with you. That happened plenty of times, it’s the whole story of the 20th century. It happened over and over and over, and it happens in peoples states, it happens in their business organizations, it happens in their cities, it happens in their provinces, it happens in their states and it happens in their psyches. All at the same time. You can’t blame the manifestation of that sort of thing on any of those levels. When a society goes down that way it goes down everywhere at the same time. It’s not the totalitarians at the top and all the happy people striving to be free at the bottom. Not at all. It’s Totalitarianism on every single level of the hierarchy.

Jordan B Peterson, 2017 Personality 22: Conclusion: Psychology and Belief, 45:00