The Right Firmware of a Society

Eric Weinstein explains how he compares humans often with terms from computer engineering: Hardware, Software, and Firmware. He is not at all interested in hardware, and very strongly invested in the right firmware of a society.

I tend to talk about software, hardware, and firmware. In essence, hardware is your genetics, the melanin content of the skin which everyone seems so fascinated by at the moment which I don’t believe. Then there is a question about the software. What do you think? What political party do you belong to? But there is also this different issue of the firmware. Like the operating system that rides on the hardware. And I’m very particular about firmware, and I’m almost indifferent to hardware. I don’t really care about … if you told me that there was an advanced European-like civilization in Uganda. Where everyone was black, but me. I would be far happier to live in that society, where the firmware was familiar and the hardware was foreign, then to live in a world in which the firmware got swapped out and everyone shared my exact genetics. I really care about firmware Nationalism, I don’t want hardware Nationalism.

Eric Weinstein, The Portal: 41: Douglas Murray – Heroism 2020: Defense of Our Own Civilization, 1:45:25