Semantics Games

The academic Left, at the moment, seems to be routed essentially in semantics games, the redefinition of words in fact.

And the Right, in my experience, and I’m not saying this exclusive or anything, actually just tends to use the Common English language definitions of words.

And this is why it’s quite a pleasure to read someone like Thomas Sowell because he never has to redefine a word because he just uses it in the Common English parlance. Because he is not trying to be a pretentious academic about it, he trying to layout: Look, this is the data, this is my interpretation of set data in a common-sense straightforward manner, do you find this persuasive? […]

Whereas the Left has come up with esoteric ways of looking at things: Well, actually, let me tell you what the real definition of a woman is. Let me tell you what the real definition of a patriarchy is, let me tell you …

Wait, hang on a second, I didn’t agree to any of this real re-definitions and I don’t agree with the final definition you come out with.

The classic example being of course the definition of a woman. For a Right-winger, I guess somebody who isn’t politicized into the culture war, a woman in the dictionary is an adult human female which is a good and sensible definition. It has particular limits, essential characteristics, and it’s not self-referential. […]

Well, the Left's version is: A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman which is actually a very concerning definition. […] A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman is anyone … So, you got this reoccurring loop in the definition of the word. So, the sentence is actually never completed. […]

It gives us no information about what a woman actually is other than some kind of being that identifies as this empty word. […] The important thing is also what’s excluded from the word, because if you take out the word adult from the definition of a woman, what you’re saying is that non-adults, and maybe even non-humans – if you take out the human part – could identify as women.

Carl Benjamin, Carl Benjamin – Making Sense of 2021’s Madness, 14:45