Reading Is Compressed Experience

Magnus Carlsen. When he’s 11 years old, he gets to open up a book and see every single match and move that Garry Kasparov ever made. […] And so what he got to do was what you got to do. You got to learn a person’s 30 years experience in six months. Well, this young kid. So this where it might have taken Garry Kasparov, you know, eight years or four years to figure out how to get out of some particular quandary on the chessboard. Well, Magnus just open to a page in the book and said: Oh, that, if I ever get in that quandary, I’m there. And so what Magnus got to do is he got to start from here.

Jocko Willink, The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast: S4 E13 – Jocko Willink, 58:55