Optics Create Its Own Substance

Eric Weinstein explains his 5-word law for the era of social media: Optics create its own substance how the killing of George Floyd serves as an example for confirmation bias that ignores all things that don’t fit the narrative of the case, as similar deaths of white persons or asking questions about how the whole situation happened:

The importance of the George Floyd killing or death, however you see it, is that it was optically perfect as a lynching, provided that you didn’t ask hard questions. To give up an optical lynching out on video simply because there are mitigating and complicated and confounding variables was not possible, because in fact in a weird sense you have a very strong belief that there is prejudices and bigotry that seldom lends itself to simple description. Finally, we’ve got one! And then the idea is when it’s optically perfect and that creates its own substance, that is the minds of many people agree that this officer Derek C. and his knee on his neck caused this death through prejudices and bigotry, then the Tony Timpa killing in Dallas can’t … that violates the rule. That would complicate the optics.

Eric Weinstein, The Portal: 41: Douglas Murray – Heroism 2020: Defense of Our Own Civilization, 2:22:32