Obstacles As an Opportunity

Jordan B Peterson about obstacles as an opportunity:

Then you think exactly what are you? You are not the chaos, you are not the plan. Maybe you’re the thing that confronts the obstacle. And I would say, that’s the categorical lesson of psychology in so far as it has to do with personal transformation. That’s what you always teach in psychotherapy. […] You are the thing, that can confront the obstacle to the plan. […] The obstacle is not only an obstacle but opportunity itself. Well, then your whole view of the world can change. Well you might think, I got this plan, and something came up to object to it. It’s possible that that thing that is objecting has something to teach you that will take you to the place where you develop an even better plan. That’s a nice framework to use. Are you so sure this is a problem? Is that the only way you can look at it? Or is it an opportunity?

Jordan B Peterson, 2017 Personality 22: Conclusion: Psychology and Belief, 47:00