If You Can Write, Nothing Can Stop You

But not surprising is that nothing can stop you if you can write and it’s for the reasons you just laid out. It's like when you write, you make a case for something, whatever it happens to be. And if you make the best case well, then you win and you get whatever it is that you’re aiming at. […] You want to make a mark as you bloody well better learn how to write. Because if you learn how to write well, then you can think and you can communicate your thoughts. So not only are you deadly strategically, you become extremely convincing, and then you can go and do anything you want and no one will stop you. And that’s never told to people. And I don’t really understand why. You know, you hear the pen is mightier than the sword, which is just a cliche unless it’s fleshed out.

Jordan B. Peterson, The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast: S4 E13 – Jocko Willink, 43:25