Different Personalities Keep the Balance in Society

Jordan B Peterson about how different personalities keep the balance in the society:

What happened when the Spaniards came to North America? 95% of the Native Americans died. Why? Because the Spaniards brought illness. Smallpox, measles, chickenpox, all these things that the Native Americans had absolutely no resistance to. There were hardly any diseases at all in North and South America. The Spaniards showed up, within 15-20 years, 19 out of 20 of the Native Americans were dead. You never know what people are bringing with them.

And so what that means is that how should you respond to people who are outside of your circle of familiarity? Well, the answer is: One, they might kill you, in all sorts of ways. Two, they might bring with them things to trade that are of inestimable value. So you’re stuck. It’s like, how the hell are you going to reconcile that problem?

And the answer is, well we reconcile it temperamentally, roughly speaking. So half the people are temperamentally wired up to say, No, no, no! Let’s keep the damn boxes closed. Took a long time to pack everything in there and to get it into order. And the liberals say, Well wait a minute. You don’t know if you’ve got things in the right boxes, to begin with. The things that you’re keeping in there were getting stale and old. And maybe we need some new ideas and new people to rejuvenate the situation. That’s political discussion. And the political discussion has to proceed because there’s no way of solving that problem except by discussing it.

Jordan B Peterson, 2017 Personality 17: Biology and Traits: Agreeableness