Biology Will Be the Battleground

The universities got their credibility from the hard sciences. So, they got this from physics and math, computer science, and chemistry. Because these deliver real things: Manhattan Project, microprocessor, the space vehicle, and so on, the electric car. So, they gained this mental authority and legitimacy from the hard sciences. So, then come the social sciences kinda sneak in. You get economics, and micro-economics is a real discipline, real science, real math behind it. Logic, reason. And you got macro-economics which gets politicized a little bit more voodoo, and then you get social studies, and then you get gender studies … So, what happened is, because we took scientists to be the high priests of our new world, science itself got corrupted. And the social sciences, and you can tell they are fake sciences because they have the word science tacked on the end, have come in and highjacked the universities and become the new think tanks. Essentially, what you see going on today at the universities is a war between social sciences and physical sciences. And the crossover is biology. We can see the whole gender is a construct movement is attacking biology, evolution biology. Just like in the social sphere with the comedians. You can see the struggle going on at the universities. I would say physical sciences are essentially losing that war. … Physical sciences have the reality on their side … At the end of the day, your aircraft has to fly, your microprocessor has to compute. So there is only so far they can take it. But I see for example in biology this difficult thing where they have to say things that they know are not true, to keep their job. … Biology will suffer the most. Synthetic biology, for example, a lot of this will end up in China, because you won’t be able to map facts and reality and actions together.

Naval Ravikant, Joe Rogan Experience #1309