February 2021 Favorites

Now, being fat is beautiful? Name a thing that you can’t do? Jumping Jacks, run a mile, live past fourty two.

Tom MacDonald, People So Stupid, 0:18


Science & Knowledge

History & Culture

Cinema & Film




TV Shows


  • The Gentlemen P – A clever and funny movie with a lot of good actors about a drug boss who wants to exit his business.
  • Life in a Day 2020– The second edition of Life in a Day, produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald.



Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

I started listening to this podcast because it was repeatedly recommended on The Joe Rogan Experience, Elon Musk and other people. This month I listened to nearly 14 hours on the history of the Persian Empire and its clash with Greek civilization. Incredibly good! Dan Carlin produces 2-3 podcasts per year.

New Discourses

James Lindsay’s podcast is a strong recommendation. Highly recommended if you want to understand identity politics, the philosophical backgrounds of the underlying ideologies, and challenge your brain.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast

Ayaan Hirsi Ali started her own podcast and Sam Harris was the first guest.

Modern Wisdom

I started listening to the podcast of Chris Williamson. He has very interesting guests and conversations about how to live a good life, finding your purpose, maximizing human performance, productivity, fitness, and psychology.

“Your Welcome” with Michael Malice

Another new podcast I started listening is Michael Malice. I listened to him before as a guest on other podcasts and really like his ideas and personality.

Lex Fridman Podcast


‎The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

The Megyn Kelly Show

Quillette Podcast




Stuff & Things


Tom MacDonald

I discovered this brilliant Rapper because his new song Fake Woke landed on the top of the US charts. He is an independent artist and his girlfriend creates his awesome music videos.

He went viral in 2017 after criticizing the Rap culture with his song Dear Rappers. In 2020 he wrote Blame The Rappers that addresses the toxic influence of Rap culture on children.

In songs as Whiteboy, No Lives Matter, People So Stupid, or Buttholes he criticizes social issues in the US for example racism, identity politics, or cancel culture.

In Best Rapper Ever he deals with his shadow, anxiety, alcoholism, and self-doubt. His beautiful song Angels deals with addiction and suicide.

He has a strong connection to his fans and haters. My Fans is a heart-warming homage to his fans. His song I Wish used send-in video wishes.

Due to his honest rap songs, he has to deal with a lot of online hate. He mocks these attacks in his funny songs Everybody Hates Me or Fake Fans.

After the rapper Mac Lethal insulted Tom MacDonald on Twitter (Tweet now deleted), Tom responded just two days later with a brilliant diss in Lethal Injection. Mac Lethal answered with a rap in Single White Female and was burned with another professional produced rap diss and music video one day later in Mac Lethal Sucks that has 10 million views. That burn definitely hurt. 😂 It’s clear who won. The self-ironic diss Im Corny on himself is funnier and better than any hater could ever write.

John D. Boswell (aka Melodysheep)

I discovered the fantastic videos of Melodysheep in 2019 but wasn’t aware till this month that it’s only one person and not a company.

John D. Boswell is a filmmaker, composer, VFX artist, and editor from the pacific northwest.

His skill is incredible, he produced content for National Geographic, Disney, PBS, and many others.

The first video I saw of him was Timelapse of the Future: A Journey to the End of Time which travels from today into the far future to the end of the universe. The video was watched by over 50 million people and is a musical and visual experience in 4K that lasts 30 minutes. Other highly recommended movies are Timelapse of the Entire Universe, Life beyond: Chapter 1. Alien life, deep time, and our place in cosmic history, Life Beyond II: The Museum of Alien Life, and [The Secret History of the Moon](https://youtu.be/The Secret History of the Moon).