September 2020 Favorites

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Science & Knowledge


History & Culture

Cinema & Film


Politics & Political Theory


TV Shows

  • The Boys 2 P
  • Lucifer 5 P
  • iZombie 3 4
  • Cobra Kai2– This was the best TV Show I’ve seen in a long time. Continuing the story of the movie The Karate Kid 34 years later the now much older protagonists meet again. A funny, interesting Drama with a lot of nuance and deep characters. The actors are the original actors from 1984! I can’t wait for season 3.







Stuff & Things

  • Obsidian 0.9.1 – A new graph view which is fantastic. It allows seeing notes, tags, files, connections, and more.
  • NeuraCache – A cool software to learn Flashcards imported from a lot of systems with the Spaced Repetition method.
  • Airr – Highlight podcasts – An app to highlight, add notes, or quote a Podcast.
  • OwlTail – A cool Podcast Player that allows following specific people and find interviews with them or finding related people.
  • RemNote – Another nice note-taking app, including spaced-repetition learning.
  • Ancient Earth – Enter a city name and view its position on the globe over the last few hundred million years.


  • Ayishat Akanbi – Nigerian-British fashion stylist, author, cultural commentator, and photographer. Her Tweets are like poetry, but each a truth bomb.
  • Sönke Ahrens – Author of the book How to Take Smart Notes. He is Professor and works at the University of Hamburg
  • Konstantin Kisin – Russian-British comedian. He is constantly pushing back against “woke” culture and co-presenter of the show TRIGGERnometry, a YouTube Channel and Podcast.