Link Bundle #4

  1. The Tomorrow War P is an alien invasion/time-travel movie and was fun to watch. Ignore the critics, it has plot holes and is not original, but it’s a well-made movie.
  2. The Mitchells vs. the Machines N is a funny and entertaining animated movie about a dysfunctional family’s road-trip meeting a robot apocalypse.
  3. Close Enough N is a new, funny animated TV Show about a couple struggling with parenthood, friendship, and everyday challenges.
  4. Katla N is a mystery drama from Iceland. A year after the subglacial volcano erupts, mysterious things happen in a nearly abandoned area at the foot of the volcano. It has a lot of WTF moments 😆
  5. Kim’s Convenience N is one of the funniest TV shows I’ve watched in years. The story is about a Korean-Canadian family, running a convenience store in downtown Toronto.
  6. I had The 100 P on my watchlist for a long time, but was always skeptical it would be a cheesy teeny flick. But it’s a fantastic sci-fi action TV Show with a lot of good storytelling.
  7. Tom MacDonald continues to impress as a Rap artist. He released two new music videos: Dont Look Down and Withdrawals.
  8. We Set The Economy On Fire. Now What? is an interesting documentary about what it means to “shut down non-essential industries” and the ripple effect this creates with the movie industry as an example.
  9. If The Lord of the Rings Is Racist, So Are Its Critics is a documentary that analyses the “problematic” parts of J. R. R. Tolkien’s books and CRT.
  10. Quentin Tarantino was a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience. Enjoyable 3 hours of inside talk about Hollywood, directing movies, and Quentin’s career.
  11. Andrew Huberman was another interesting guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He is a professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University. They talked for three hours about health.
  12. Why We Can’t Save Those We Love is a beautiful video essay about the struggle to help those who are closest to us.
  13. Is America a Racist Country? with Victor Davis Hanson was a very calm analysis of the current political problems of the USA.
  14. Why You Can Only Have 150 Friends (According to Science) is a short video about Dunbar’s Number.
  15. DarkHorse Podcast #88: How Bread got Broken with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying had a lot of interesting information about food, health, and longevity from multiple studies.
  16. Bret Weinstein wrote a terrifying article on UnHeard on How the sun could wipe us out with a plasma burst. And of all things that could end human civilization, this has a high probability.
  17. Eco-fascism is our future is a chilling story by Paul Kingsnorth about a possible future in the same series as Bret Weinstein’s article.
  18. Lockdown hysteria did more harm than COVID-19 analyses the pathologies behind the catastrophe of lockdowns.
  19. Energy-Charts by Frauenhofer ISE is an interactive website allowing navigating the energy information of European countries.
  20. Plandemic is a free and unbelievable interesting documentary series. It is an insight into the Pharma industry, its corruption, abuse of patent laws, its plans, and goals. The documentary was smeared all over the media as “conspiracy” while it makes very reasonable claims, provides links and further information to every claim. None of the arguments made by the series could be debunked yet.
  21. The only reason the media tries to cancel Joe Rogan: He terrifies them
  22. The Books Are Already Burning by Abigail Shrier on Barri Weiss’ column on Substack is a shocking story about the state of censorship.
  23. Jordan B. Peterson talked to Brian Muraresku and Prof. Carl Ruck about Psychedelics and the Ancient Age.
  24. How to Split a City in Half is a short film about the infrastructural challenges that occurred when Berlin was divided into two parts.