September 2019 Favorites

All the things I enjoyed in September 2019

Stefan Imhoff
Boat on the jetty
Boat on the jetty. Bokel-Mühle am See. Photo by Stefan Imhoff

“Objective judgement, now, at this very moment. Unselfish action, now, at this very moment. Willing acceptance — now, at this very moment — of all external events.”

Marcus Aurelius The Meditations, 9.6


TV Shows




  • The Laws of Human Nature (Amazon) – Robert Greene on understanding people’s drives and motivations, even when they are unconscious of them themselves.
  • The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller (Amazon) – I’m interested in story-telling for a long time now. John Truby shares his secrets for writing a compelling script.
  • Daytripper (Amazon) – I re-read this fantastic graphic novel by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá about life and death. Each story follows Bras de Olivias Dominguez during different periods in his life, each with the same ending: his death. ❤️



  • Revølve – Inspiring website of a design agency from San Francisco and Portland. Some really nice WebGL, AR Interactions and music.
  • CSS Grid: Magazine Layouts – Fantastic Codepen demo by Olivia Ng showing magazine layouts build with modern CSS techniques.
  • Laney LA – Inspiring website of a design and architecture studio with a really nice layout, and beautiful typography.


  • Feedly – The relaunch of my favourite RSS/Atom news reader comes with a white and dark design.
  • Adidas Originals, Pharrell Williams Hu NMD Proud – I already missed the Adidas NMD CS1 Ankoku Toshi Jutsu a few years ago, and tried to buy this shoe just a few hours after the official release, but it was already completely sold out. Still a beautiful shoe.
  • Ankerkraut Rührei Gewürz – A really tasty spice mix for my scrambled eggs.
  • DEVONthink 3.0 – The new version of my favorite document management tool looks really nice and has not just dark mode, a completely redesigned user interface, but also a lot of new features.
  • Image Shrinker – A really cool MacOS app to minify SVG, JPG or PNG images.
  • Leguano go: mixed black – I bought my first barefoot shoe, after my co-workers and sister advertised the benefits to me.


  • AutoStadt (Google Maps) – I guided a co-worker and her husband around this Volkswagen brand park with multiple pavilions, museums and restaurants for a full day.
  • Bokel-Mühle am See (Google Maps) – I could stay in this fantastic hotel and restaurant at the shore of a lake during a 3-day company excursion. The food is excellent and I really liked walking around the lake.


Jordan B Peterson in an interview with Dave Rubin talking about speech police around the world as a disconcerting trend. He explains that we as a society need to be able to transcent the hardship of life with comedy. Comedians are people who push the edge of what’s acceptable. And if we start to prosecute comedians for jokes it’s a warning that our society goes in a dangerous direction:

“If the king is such a tyrant that he kills his jester, then you know that the evil king is in charge.”

Ernest Hemingway writing in a letter to Dorothy Connable, as he was warning her about Charles Fenton, who spread misinformation about Hemingway’s life:

“The way to make people trust-worthy is to trust them.”

Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway Selected Letters 1917-1961

The quote above is immediately followed by, But this man is not a person that works with that system.